Cranbrook ER

27 February 2013

We brought our 19 month son to the ER at 5:20. He was crying and collapsing when he put weight on his leg. It was obviously causing him a lot of pain and we were concerned he’d broken it. We were in emerg for a total of 6 hours and went home at 11:15. The emergency doctor and nurses did an amazing job, but it was obvious they were also frustrated with the long wait times and that their hands were tied. A nurse brought us a dvd player and some kid videos and showed us where we could get some water. These extra pieces of bedside care I’m sure are an effort to deal with the lack of adequate beds and staff in the ER and the rest of the hospital. There was only one x-ray tech on and they were in a shoulder reconstruction in the OR. We were so tired by this time, after talking with the doctor we were going to go home, have a good sleep, and come back at 8 in the morning. As we were walking out, a woman came and brought us to X-ray. Our government needs to do something. We shouldn ‘t need to stay up half the night in order to get medical care in a 1st world country. Many people in town cannot get a family doctor and so need to go to emergency to get prescriptions and medical attention, which only compounds an already exhausted and inadequate system.

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