How you can help today

In 2009, the BCMA and the BC Government came together and agreed to make changes to ease the escalating ER patient crisis (Read report: Improving Access to Emergency Department Care: Emergency Department Overcrowding Solutions Framework).

The Government has since completely abandoned this effort.

Instead, over the past three years a small and temporary patchwork of band aids has been applied to a few desperate sites — sometimes by a health authority with a bit of temporary funding to hire another ER doctor or by a hospital administrator with the foresight to independently implement and enforce specific measures to get admitted ER patients onto wards quickly — even when their hospital is at 100% capacity.

You may be lucky enough to live in one of the areas where one or two measures have been applied. The majority of people in BC are not that lucky. Wait times continue to rise. ER patients waiting for admission continue to be warehoused on ER stretchers sometimes for days.

Let’s not leave it up to luck.

BC can no longer afford a slapdash approach to ER medicine.

Send government a message of support for the ER Doctors’ BC ER Treatment Plan.


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